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2. AI paper by AI

RS / 2018

School Digital Imaging

This is more of a performance / digital art piece, but it relied on a bit of programming to pull off. For my digital imaging class, I was tasked with making some form of a response piece to an AI art exhibit that was showing at CMU's Miller Gallery.

I decided to write a natural language processing program, train it using a paper about AI, and then have it generate a new AI paper. Once it was done, I made a website to look just like Science Direct, the site where the original paper originated.

The resulting paper was... a mess, in all honesty. However, the sentence structure, occasional repetition, and general absurdity is what makes it fun. The first sections of the paper were created using a Markov Chain in NLTK with Python, which resulted in somewhat realistic sentence structure. The last section used a different algorithm and used a true machine library, running on TensorFlow. The generated sentences in this section were completely wild, and the program even generated its own words.

Some of my favorites include: The concepting analogy the concepting analogy conceptual concepts are the program analogy and the program analogy is the concepting is a program of the program of the analogy. and 31 [OtA]. They pepse, they riddly, and ipeword.