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RS / 2018

For Kristiankirk

As the digital and web manager for team KK, I am entirely responsible for managing all digital media and web presence for the company. In the summer of 2018, I began working on the website that would be home to all of our projects, information, and occasional product sales.

We wanted to make something very unusual and eye catching, but clean. I went through many, many iterations, including (excessive) parallax effects until we settled on this 3D circular design. The multidimensional carousel spins depending on the mouseX and mouseY position within the frame. The result is a bold, yet minimal home base for the brand.

After this was completed, I was also asked to make a logo for the brand. I ended up with this 3D motion graphic completely devoid of shadows or lighting effects, with the spinning letters KK inside a ring. The logo is modular: every employee can use a variant of the logo with their own initials online. Circles, motion, transparency became stables of the brand as a whole.